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 Le Rules

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PostSubject: Le Rules   Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:53 am

Hello, and welcome to the clan website! Here we'll try to maintain or member community in an enjoyable environment and fun atmosphere, but we also have to add in some rules too.

1. Be chill.
We don't need people to start insulting everyone and making trouble. Try to leave all the drama outside of the clan and the forums. Just enjoy your time here.

2. Limit the spam.
Spamming can be fun every once and a while, but it's also nice to have a good conversation. Try to be as mature as possible when posting to keep the forums professional, and semi-spam free.

3. Swearing limit.
We are lenient on swearing, just don't go making every post have four F-bombs.

4. No Warez.
You are not allowed to share illegal content, such as program torrents.

5. No Offensive Material.
Do not post any porn, racism, or graphic violence.

7. No Advertisements
None of us want to buy a pill to make us "larger".(unless it's for your mum, ololol.)

8. Listen to the staff.
BE sure to listen to the staff, they're here to help maintain the forums and keep the group together in a cool place to fight, learn, and grow.

9. Have fun!
(but you don't have to)

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Le Rules
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